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There Are Christmas Traditions Around The World That You’ve Probably Never Heard About!

There Are Christmas Traditions Around The World That You’ve Probably Never Heard About!

Sometimes it feels like the entire world celebrates Christmas the same way. We decorate a tree, shop for gifts, and cook an enormous amount of food. Or perhaps we go caroling or snag a kiss under the mistletoe. The truth is, there’s a much wider range of customs that most of us haven’t discovered yet.

Austria – On the fourth of December, St. Barbara’s Day, a single cherry twig is placed in a glass of water. If it blooms before Christmas Eve, good luck and a marriage are likely to follow.

Belarus – Piles of corn are placed at the feet of unmarried women before a rooster is let loose. Whoever’s pile the rooster picks shall be the next one to get married.

Czech Republic – Single women test their chances of getting married in the upcoming year by throwing a single shoe over their shoulder. If the toe points toward the front door, there will be wedding bells.

Greece – Boys place a cedar branch and girls a white cherry branch over the fire.  The branch that burns the fastest is seen as a sign of good luck and impending marriage.

Japan – The most popular way for lovers to celebrate is at KFC. It’s so popular that you need reservations.

Ukraine – A spider is hidden on the tree for good luck.  Some believe that tinsel has its roots in this tale.

These are varied traditions, for sure. But each is holds excitement, anticipation, and joy for the participants – and that’s the heart of celebration!

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