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Rogue One Ordered To Reshoot

Rogue One Ordered To Reshoot

I’m sure everyone is just as excited and intrigued about the new era of Star Wars as I am. The Force Awakens smashed global box office records, and Rogue One, the first spin-off of the Disney era is promising an exciting and darker look at the galaxy as the Galactic Empire rises to power between the third and fourth episodes.

Or at least it was.

Earlier last week, it was announced that Disney executives ordered a reshoot of roughly 40% of the movie after poor screening results. It is believed that the reshoot is going to cause the movie to lose some of its grittiness, supposedly aligning it more to the style and tone of A New Hope. One thing is all but guaranteed with this reshoot though – it will allow for a cameo appearance by a young Han Solo, portrayed by a recently casted Alden Ehrenreich.

There has not yet been any word about whether this reshoot will delay the release of the movie, which was slated for December 2016.

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