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Holy Toledo! Local Holiday Promotion Goes National.

Holy Toledo! Local Holiday Promotion Goes National.

How does a local retail jeweler garner national attention?

Put together an uber-luxury holiday gift promotion and give it a “small businessman dreams big” twist. Include a million-dollar, 16-carat Forevermark diamond, and a Mercedes-Benz as a free gift with purchase. And then team up with Fruchtman Marketing to launch and – voila – you’ve got yourself a coast-to-coast story.

Fruchtman handled the public relations for Jeffrey Mann Jewelers’ big idea. We wrote the releases, created the distribution lists and made sure the piece got noticed and got to the right news, business, luxury lifestyle, fashion and jewelry editors, anchors, and influencers across the nation.

We’re thrilled to report that within 2 hours of its release the story was picked up by 218 online outlets with 2406 views and a potential audience of 89,156,051.

Intrigued? Interested in creating something equally exciting for your business? Give us a call. For more details on Holy Toledo! The Ultimate Holiday Indulgence promotion, click here.

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