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Search Engine Use

Search Engine Use

Search engine results are of high importance for anyone that wants to be found through the web. These days, everyone wants to rank on the first page and the first listing. The question is how do you effectively do that?

The basics of search engine optimization or SEO are keywords and alt tags. As SEO becomes more popular the web crawlers known as bots have raised their standards to consider your rankings in all aspects. This includes the richness of the content message as a key component for recommending websites and rankings.

At Fruchtman Marketing, we have created a refined SEO approach. In fact, we have even enhanced the name to Search Engine Content Management, SECM — productive content that gives you a competitive advantage that bots can’t ignore. Keywords and alt tags that align with the rich content make it difficult for bots to pass up or miss a page for the first rank recommendation. We know how to push you to the top of the rankings.

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