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Facebook 2018 Changes

2018 Brings Changes to Facebook

by Ashley Bowen, Account Coordinator

As social media continues to evolve, so too must the way businesses who utilize the platforms to engage with consumers. Recently announced changes in the way Facebook will be displaying content in newsfeeds will no doubt have an impact on businesses, who rely on the platform as a means of social marketing and engagement with consumers. Founder and CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, would like to bring the focus of Facebook more in line with its original intent, which was to allow users to connect with family and friends.

Given this, it will become increasingly important for businesses to modify their approach to social media marketing. Money should absolutely be allocated for Facebook advertising because this enables you to specifically target your consumer. The analytics will allow you to evaluate the effectiveness of the spend and modify as needed. Additionally, businesses must strive to create content that consumers will engage with to stay relevant in news feeds. A varied content approach is essential; however, it must be consistent with your brand. There isn’t a one size fits all strategy, but a mix of live and pre-recorded videos, photos, information, and contests, among other things may help to better engage the consumer and determine what your target audience is most responsive to.

To read Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement, click here

Bond Street, Small Business Blog

How Changes to Facebook’s Newsfeed Algorithm Affect Your Business


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