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What Not To Do On Social Media

What NOT To Do On Social Media

by Logan Taylor, Social Media Coordinator

Don’t Promote Too Much. 46% unfollow if there are too many promotional messages. Be sure to mix in educational, inspirational, and entertaining content as well.

Post Irrelevant Information. 41% of users will unfollow because of this. Always match your posts to your brand and audience.

Try To Be Too Cool (or Conservative). 30% of users unfollow brands who use messaging that doesn’t fit their brand. Always stick with images and messaging that your brand embodies.

Go Silent. 18% of users unfollow brands who are too quiet on social media. Be sure to post just enough to show involvement.

Ignore Followers. 15% of users unfollow when brands don’t reply. Actively engage with followers who comment, especially those who pose questions, on your posts. Consider this interaction as a front-line customer service opportunity.

Source: socialmediatoday.com

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