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Are you better?

Are you better?

By Ellen Fruchtman

How do I gain market share? How do I increase referrals? How do I increase sales? How do I become like (fill in the blank jeweler)? 

How many times have you asked one, if not all of these questions, at some point in your business life?

When all you really need to do is look inward and ask yourself this: Are we better?

It’s a tough one to ask. But, if you don’t ask it every now and then, how will you ever take the necessary steps to get to where you want to be?

If you look around your city (or perhaps when you are visiting another), what one or two businesses do you want to emulate? Sometimes you have to take the time to do a deeper dive into what they may be doing right, or dare I say, better. By the way, the businesses you want to emulate do not necessarily have to be another retail jeweler, designer, or manufacturer. 

When was the last time you walked into a retailer you buy from and really look with a keen eye as to what makes you really love shopping in this store? 

Start with service. 

Ask yourself is your service equally as good? Did that salesperson have exceptional knowledge of what they were selling? Does each and every individual in your store have the same? Did you like the way they presented themselves in everything from their demeanor to their mode of dress? Were they relatable? Fun? Friendly? Engaged? Did they know your name? Or ask for it? If you didn’t make a purchase, was there any level of follow-up after the sale?

Store atmosphere.

What are some things within that location that made you want to be there and stay? Was it bright and cheery? Was it exceptionally immaculate? Was it really comfortable? Did it have music playing you loved? A scent that reminded you of something? Were things displayed beautifully? Was it not intimidating at all? What made it so? 

Inventory and product.

Was everything easy to find? Displayed in a way that made it hard to resist? Was the selection to your liking and why? Did you see the value in items you were interested in?

All of this is part of the greater marketing experience.

Take this challenge to your staff at your next staff meeting. Ask them what specific brick-and-mortar retailers they love to shop. Make a list of these questions, and ask them the next time they’re in that specific store (or stores) to answer the questions above. Spend a different week reporting on different retailers. It makes for the perfect discussion. And, you might receive some great, honest feedback.

You can’t fix what you don’t know or what you think you know. Sometimes it just takes a little, hard honesty. Time to pull out that microscope, or shall I say loupe, and take a closer look.

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