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8 Jewelry Trends to Watch For in 2023

8 Jewelry Trends to Watch For in 2023

By Ashley Buckowing, Graphic Designer

As a designer, having stunning photography of jewelry always enables me to create the best designs possible. However, it’s also important that the pieces being featured are on-trend and eye-catching so that consumers naturally stop in their tracks (or scroll, rather…)

The days of minimalist rings and dainty necklaces are over. This year, it’s time to bring back the show-stopper pieces and bulky gems. In short, Elle tells us to watch for a surge in popularity of Estate and Estate-like pieces, large and colorful stones, and unique objects or mis-matched pieces. 

Here’s the full list for more detail:

  1. Mermaidcore: starfish and ocean-related pieces
  2. Buggy Baubles: jewelry shaped as beetles and other creepy crawlers with colored gemstones
  3. Contemporary Relics: Estate pieces or pieces that are created to appear antique
  4. Perched Gems: gemstones and diamonds that appear to be floating or isolated
  5. Major Ear Cuffs: a return of the boho-ear stacking trend featuring bulky cuffs
  6. Found Objects: no-two-pieces-alike stones and unique objects 
  7. The Power Pinky: bulky pink rings
  8. Lab-Grown: lab-grown diamonds for their clarity 

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