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What About the First Screen?

by Kyna Steinfurth - Media Director Do you know what second screen advertising is? If not, it’s where consumers use a mobile device while watching television. It’s all everyone seems to be talking about. I get it, as approximately 87% of consumers use more than one device at a time. That number is huge! But…they’re failing to...

Charles Pobee-Mensah Promoted To Director of Digital Marketing

Fruchtman Marketing is pleased to announce the promotion of Charles Pobee-Mensah as the new Director of Digital Marketing. Charles joined Fruchtman Marketing in April 2017 as a Digital Marketing Specialist and quickly made his mark, demonstrating his vast understanding of the digital marketplace and desire to innovate. In his short time at Fruchtman Marketing, he has...

The Resurgence of SEO

The Resurgence of SEO

by Shane O’Neill, Vice President The Relevance of SEO in the Jewelry Industry Not long-ago, SEO, for independent jewelers, wasn’t often recommended or needed. This was primarily due to budget restraints and the lack of sophisticated competition (digitally speaking) on a local level. That is to say, five years ago, most independent retailers had poor website experiences. So,...

New Business Déjà Vu

They were one of our very first clients. And it was a great relationship. We parted as friends, and we’ve both grown and changed a bit over time, but the chemistry is still there. We’re happy to announce that Johannes Hunter Jewelers of Colorado Springs, Colorado is our oldest new client. Or would that be our newest...