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By now you would have to be living under a rock if you weren’t aware of the Harvey Weinstein scandal and the famous hashtag which continues to gain traction. Hollywood has gotten the attention of what permeates several workplaces even to this day. It ran rampant, as many women will attest to (including me) when I...

screen advertising

What About The First Screen?

Do you know what second screen advertising is? If not, it’s where consumers use a mobile device while watching television. It’s all everyone seems to be talking about. I get it, as approximately 87% of consumers use more than one device at a time. That number is huge! But…they’re failing to point out the continued necessity...

Counter Culture

#Flabbergasted. That was me when a client recently inquired about a door counter. They were looking for some recommendations on brands and types to check out. Out of curiosity, I decided to ask a few clients what traffic counter systems they use, since we regularly recommend them to our clients. Some of the answers? "We don’t use...

Don’t Sell.

Got your attention? Who tells a retailer not to sell? We do. And, statistics are backing that recommendation up. Of course, don’t take that so literally. If someone walks in your door, of course, you want to sell them something. Better than that, you want them to walk out the door with a piece of jewelry...

The Resurgence of SEO

The Resurgence of SEO

by Shane O’Neill, Vice President The Relevance of SEO in the Jewelry Industry Not long-ago, SEO, for independent jewelers, wasn’t often recommended or needed. This was primarily due to budget restraints and the lack of sophisticated competition (digitally speaking) on a local level. That is to say, five years ago, most independent retailers had poor website experiences. So,...

Name Dropping

For many, many years, jewelers bought into the philosophy of supporting bridal brands. They invested LOTS of buy-in dollars in carrying these brands. They heavily promoted the brands by tagging the designer line’s television spots, using their provided radio scripts, hosting trunk shows featuring the brands, and tagging the brand’s national print ad in Brides magazine...

The Best Place to Reach Millennials

The question asked most frequently of marketing professionals in the jewelry industry is where marketing dollars should be spent to reach millennials.  The answer we give is, unfortunately, not one jewelers want to hear.  There is no perfect media platform advertisers can concentrate all of their marketing dollars in order to reach these consumers. Based on their...