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Make the Most of Your Time at Home

By Ashley Bowen, Account Coordinator We’ve compiled a list of ideas and resources for you to maximize your time at home so you can eventually return to your daily routine feeling refreshed and accomplished! Movement  There are lots of online resources available to help you exercise at home. You can find yoga, HIIT, barre and strength training options using...

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Working From Home

by Kristy Cartmell, Designer / Social Media Specialist With everything going on in the world, one small comfort some of us may be experiencing is the ability to work from home. As we move into an age where we see younger generations pushing for a better work-life balance, working from home already seems to be satisfying that need....

Cutting Out the Clutter

By Hayley Lardinais, Account Coordinator For most of us, multitasking has become an inevitable staple of our work and personal lives. So much so, that one’s ability to tackle many tasks simultaneously is now considered an important skill in being successful and efficient in many areas of work. Even as I write this article I will admit...

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Motivation During Daylight Savings

by Kristy Cartmell, Graphic Designer As we are powering full-force into the holiday season, the clocks are turning back. While it might be nice to get the initial “extra hour” of sleep, for some people, this time of the year is less than welcomed. Furthermore, for those that work a regular 9-5 job, this time of the...

Welcome Fredric Rubel!

by Shannon Joyce, Account Coordinator We are very pleased to welcome Orange County’s Premier Jeweler, Fredric Rubel Jewelers. With two locations in Laguna Beach and Mission Viejo, Fredric Rubel offers exquisite pieces from an exclusive list of acclaimed designers. We are going to be building their social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, as well as...

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Stuff You’ll Love

by Angie Ash, Executive Vice President Ironically, WE almost missed The Atlanta Jewelry Show, thanks to a continually delayed and then canceled flight. Thanks, Delta! Thankfully, we were able to reschedule our Friday sessions and present them on Saturday. If you weren’t at the show, no worries. All of our presentations are available here for you to read...


by Michael Fruchtman, CEO/CFO We all know AI is going to change the face of retail. Treedy.ai has come up with a process for turning your 2D photos into 3D in a fraction of the time and a fraction of the cost compared to other AI companies. As more people are shopping online, they want to know how...

Birthday Card Program

Continuing To WOW!

by Angie Ash, Executive Vice President We’re celebrating another birthday card client. Our birthday card program continues to wow! We’re excited to announce the addition of Diamond Guild to our birthday and anniversary card programs. We’re wishing them lots of anticipated success with the card program in the coming months! To find out more, click here....