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Industry insights from the jewelry marketing experts.

How to Re-Energize Your Employees

by Angie Ash, EVP Let’s face it, time flies. 10 years ago, retail jewelers didn’t have the technology that’s at their fingertips now. There was no Clientbook or Podium in the market yet. Websites weren’t as user-friendly as they are today, and photography options were limited to certain lightboxes; never mind how long it took to clean...

Ham and Cheese Cucumber Sandwich

By Traci Hubble, Account Coordinator Keeping meals light in the summer is always a plus. Our family loves to find simple and quick summertime snacks that are easy to prepare for our summer activities…boating, camping or hanging out in the backyard.  These cuke sandwiches can be rolled by cutting the slices long or if you prefer stackable handhelds,...

3 Key Benefits of Leveraging Social Media

by Patrick Giammarco, SEO Specialist Social media serves as a vital tool for connecting with both current and prospective customers, providing a platform for engagement, brand awareness, and sales growth. Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest are visual-centric, making them ideal for showcasing your unique jewelry pieces. They allow you to tell your brand's story, share customer testimonials,...

Creating Picture Perfect Moments: The Power of High-End Photography in Jewelry Social Media Marketing

by Megan Bennett, Social Media Marketing Manager In the glamorous world of high-end jewelry, nothing conveys the essence of your brand quite as powerfully as exceptional, attention-grabbing photography. As we are all acutely aware, in the digital age, every touchpoint with potential customers is a chance to leave a lasting impression, and the aesthetics of your social...

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