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Industry insights from the jewelry marketing experts.

Want to attract attention from luxury jewelry shoppers? These 10 social media content ideas will do the trick.

By Megan Bennett, Social Media Marketing Manager As a luxury jewelry brand, you know that your target audience is looking for more than just a beautiful piece of jewelry. They want to feel special, unique, and glamorous. And to reach these potential customers, you need to create content that resonates with their aspirations and dreams. Social media...

History’s Iconic Jewels

By Traci Hubble, Account Coordinator A jewel’s value is just as tied to an illustrious past as it is to the stone’s cut, color, and clarity. In fact, the narrative surrounding a jewel may be the key to its unique value. This is especially true if the jewel has a reputation for being “cursed,” or if it...

Are You Thinking About Marketing All Wrong?

by Shane O'Neill, VP It seems that today everyone wants everything, right now, all the time. When it comes to marketing, the question usually is, “How long before I start to see results?” That’s a loaded question because it really depends on many factors, such as your budget and strategy. But it also requires a word seldom...

White Wine Margaritas

by Angie Ash, EVP Having a tough time deciding between white wine and a margarita? Now, you don’t have to choose. 750 ml Pinot Grigio (1 bottle)1 can limeade concentrate (with two cans of water)2 cups orange juice1/2 cup tequila (mid shelf or higher)sea saltfresh limes Pour the entire bottle of pinot grigio into your favorite pitcher.Add 1...

How To Market for Mother’s Day

By Ashley Buckowing, Graphic Designer Americans love their moms, and we prove this by showering our mothers with gifts every year on the second Sunday in May. Mother’s Day is the fourth highest grossing holiday of the year, even topping Valentine’s Day in jewelry sales! If you were as shocked as we were to hear this fact,...

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