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The Team

Meet the experts at Fruchtman Marketing

Each and every client has a group of professionals assigned to your account who are dedicated to growing your business. It’s an approach we’ve been employing for years and one that is rooted in success. Multiple people from creative, social marketing, media and accounts get to know your business; your style; and your market. This team regularly gets together to review your goals and strategy. From time to time we might change up specific members of the team to get a fresh perspective. But overall, if there was one way to describe it, we would say it’s very similar to having your own in-house marketing team. The real kicker? We are marketing specialists who also know the jewelry industry inside and out.

The Leadership Team

Ellen Fruchtman – President
Michael Fruchtman – CEO, CFO
Shane O'Neill – Vice President
Angie Ash – Executive Vice President

Account Team

No matter how big you are, or how big your budget might be, each client will be working with an Account Supervisor who is responsible for account strategy, tactical recommendations, and budget planning. Account teams also include an Account Coordinator who is responsible for coordinating projects and assists in ongoing account management. You’ll hear from them often. They are the conduits for every project executed for your company. And, they are there to make sure everything is running smoothly and projects are executed on-time and on-budget.

Digital Media Team

If you’re executing digital initiatives (and who isn’t?), you’ll come in contact with one of several individuals who specialize in paid search, social marketing, content management, email marketing and who are overall responsible for your digital footprint. Anyone on this team has a responsibility to execute digital strategies that are right for the fine jewelry industry. Their job? Be up on the latest and greatest. But, deploy only those initiatives that not only make sense but are right for your specific business. In addition, every person who works on your paid search campaigns is Google Certified.

Media Team

Media has become increasingly complex and goes way beyond traditional media outlets like broadcasting, billboard, and print. Today, your media team has to be well-versed in all digital placements including initiatives like banner advertising, IP targeting and retargeting to name a few. Media is an integral part of the overall plan and your business will be assigned a Media Director who has spent many years in the business. They will also create your media plan; develop all media promotions; negotiate added value; submit and coordinate co-op and are the go-to people for every media representative who contacts your store.

Creative Team

Typically, you won’t come in touch with the Graphic Designer who is assigned to your account. But, make no mistake about it. Creative is high on our list of importance. Your look, your feel and your brand are in their very creative hands. Usually one designer will be a part of your team. But, occasionally another talented member of Fruchtman Marketing may lend their creative input and expertise to your business. The creative team is also comprised of more than Graphic Designers. In fact, most creative begins with the written word and that written word will be the responsibility of your Copywriter. At Fruchtman Marketing, most creative is collaborative. And, occasionally, you’ll find several members of your team meeting to review upcoming projects and brainstorming the best approach.

Public Relations

We are not a Public Relations firm in the truest sense of the word. However, from time to time there will be a need to pitch a story and receive exposure within the trade or in your local market. Fruchtman Marketing also works with professional PR software which provides current PR contacts in every market across the country. We deploy your story directly to the inbox of the most qualified writer or editor. Some releases are truly newsworthy and others may be soft-stories relevant in your market. We’ll research, write, and coordinate interviews on your behalf. So, although we’re not a “PR firm”, we know PR and we get the job done.


Web development is the one area you can work with us outside our typical scope of services. Nothing is more important today than your website. We can’t be any more direct about it. Your website is literally an extension of your business and should be considered a second location. To that end, we look at any website as a part of your marketing strategy. Although we do offer what is considered as templated sites, most of our sites are custom built with copy and content that is uniquely yours. There are no long-term contracts beyond the creation and the website is your property. It’s all about user experience. And, today, there should be careful consideration about how you sell online. We’ll be navigating the waters along with you.

We are also one of two trusted partners with The EDGE TPW program, ideal for product inventory management for retailers who sell online.