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Tuesday Tips & Tricks

Industry insights from the jewelry marketing experts.

Building a Marketing Budget

By Ellen Fruchtman, President Yes, it’s the end of February, and for those planners out there, you should already have your 2019 budget finalized. But, I have a sneaky suspicion many of you are still going by the seat of your pants with zero strategies and no rhyme or reason as to what you should do and...

New Client Announcement: DPA

By Kelsi Roth, Graphic Designer The Diamond Producers Association (DPA) has hired Fruchtman Marketing as their agency to develop their creative and oversee all trade communications. Fruchtman will be developing an exclusive DPA Portal that will also house all materials for retailers to easily download and order items for their local market use. In addition to the...

Homemade Cheese Filled Pretzel Balls

by Charles Pobee-Mensah, Director of Digital Marketing This recipe is an altered version of Tasty’s homemade soft pretzel recipe. They have a great video for guidance, so check out their walkthrough. Step six below is where we’ll change it from regular soft pretzels to cheesy pretzel balls. The original Tasty recipe is shown in quotes. Ingredients: “1 ½ cups...

Age of the Cookie Cutters

By Shane O'Neill, Vice President Who cares about fine wine and nice cars? We should all be drinking two-buck-Chuck and driving a practical car, right? It would be cheaper and cloth seats are the new leather. And while we’re at it forget about the Jimmy Choo stilettos. You can match a sensible pair of shoes from Payless...

Impact Your Profitability with Social Responsibility

By Shannon Joyce, Account Coordinator  In today’s competitive market, it is important to go above and beyond to attract the ideal consumer. Many consumers, specifically millennials, do plenty of research before making any significant purchase. Something that is becoming increasingly important to many shoppers is that the business is socially and ethically responsible. There are several ways...