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Tuesday Tips & Tricks

Industry insights from the jewelry marketing experts.

Blueberry Breakfast Bread

By Michael Fruchtman, CFO Blueberry Breakfast Bread 1/2 cup butter, melted (Additional is needed for greasing the pan)1 cup fresh blueberries1 3/4 cup flour, divided2 teaspoons baking powder1/4 teaspoon salt1/4 teaspoon baking soda1 cup sugar2 large eggs1/2 cup milk1 teaspoon vanilla Heat oven to 375 degrees.  Grease an 8-inch loaf pan with butter.  Line the bottom of the pan...

Jewelers, Take These Three Vows In 2022

By Angie Ash, Executive Vice President  The starting gun to the holiday shopping frenzy has blasted and, as retail jewelers, you know the coming weeks are going to be a sprint to Christmas. Once you’ve reached the finish line, nobody will want a very large glass of wine and fuzzy slippers more than you. But, before you’re...

Fruchtman Marketing Welcomes Clarté!

By Ashley Bowen, Account Coordinator Fruchtman Marketing is pleased to announce we’ll be assisting Valentine Jewels with the launch of their newest fine jewelry brand extension, Clarté! The work will be centered around the goal of developing a relationship with retail jewelers. We’ll be focusing on branding and campaign development, as well as developing supporting assets for...

Out Of This World Turkey Brine

By: Amber Bartolet, Social Media Marketing Manager Like many others, Thanksgiving last year looked a little different. Instead of travelling to Indianapolis to spend some time with our extended family, we had a small, intimate Thanksgiving at home with my parents and siblings. This was the perfect opportunity for us to try out this “Out of This...

The Metaverse Is Coming

By Shane O'Neill, Vice President On October 28, 2021, Facebook officially changed its name to Meta. Oh, you didn’t notice this on Facebook itself because Meta is a publicly-traded company and Facebook is just one of their assets. Meta will be spending tens of billions of dollars in the next few years to build the Metaverse and...

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