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Tuesday Tips & Tricks

Industry insights from the jewelry marketing experts.

Meatloaf Muffins

Ingredients 1-2/3 to 1-3/4 pounds ground sirloin 1 medium onion, cut into chunks 2 ribs celery from the heart of the stalk, cut into 2-inch pieces 1 green bell pepper 1 large egg plus a splash of milk, beaten 1 cup plain bread crumbs 2 tablespoons grill seasoning (recommended: Montreal Steak Seasoning by McCormick) 1 cup smoky barbecue sauce 1/2 cup tomato salsa 1 tablespoon Worcestershire...


I have teenagers who will, nine times out of ten, send me an emoji or emoticon with their text message. In most cases, I send one back. Not because I really love them, mind you. But, as a creative person, I do confess to liking a visual more than random symbols that make up a smiley...

Take a Lesson from Lego

What if you invested a percentage of your budget to ongoing research? After all, as a retailer, being successful has everything to do with what your customer wants, not you. It has everything to do with really getting into the head of your target prospects and delivering an experience fitting their needs. What if we learned...

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