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Tuesday Tips & Tricks

Industry insights from the jewelry marketing experts.

How to Work With an Agency

By Ellen Fruchtman, President This isn’t about working with us. This article is about what you need to know about client/agency relationships. The best way to work and get what you want from any agency. The best way to keep the relationship flowing in the right direction. And yes, the quickest way to demoralize your agency. How to...

Birthdays Galore in September

By Ashley Bowen, Account Coordinator Did you know September has 9 out of the top 10 most common birthdays? Check out the list below. Do you know anyone with this birthday? Regardless, everyone loves to receive a birthday gift to celebrate, and your customers are no different. If you don’t have a program in place, we can...

Beef Stroganoff

by Shane O'Neill, Vice President Beef Stroganoff 2 - 2 ½ pounds Beef Sirloin (cut into strips 1/2 inch thick)1 stick buttersalt and pepper (to taste)4-6 green onions (chop only the whites)5 tablespoons flour1 beef Bouillon Cube (dissolved into one cup hot water)1 can Beef Consommé1 teaspoon dijon mustard1 6 ounce can mushrooms⅓ cup Sauterne Wine⅓ cup...

A Better Way to WFH

By Kelsi Roth, Senior Graphic Designer Working from home is not going away for many. What's more, those who are back in a traditional office may be faced with working from home again in the near future.  Let’s face it. Your workstation at home probably doesn’t have easy access to the things you rely on. Plus, you want...

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