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Tuesday Tips & Tricks

Industry insights from the jewelry marketing experts.
Instagram Live

Instagram: Should I Go Live?

by Kelsi Roth, Designer & Social Media Coordinator Instagram is the third most popular social media platform (following Facebook and YouTube) with more than 1 billion monthly users and more than 80% of users following at least one business. Potential customers are there, but how do you get their attention? Instagram algorithms are constantly changing and every...

Stuffed Burgers

Stuffed Burgers

by Charles Pobee-Mensah, Director of Digital Marketing Give your burgers an extra burst of flavor with this tasty recipe for stuffed burgers. Burger Patties Ground Beef Cooked bacon, finely chopped Cilantro Finely chopped green (or red or yellow) bell pepper Red hot sauce (such as Frank's) Cheese Combine and mix about 1/3 bottle of Frank's Red Hot sauce into the burger. Filling Cilantro Finely chopped green (or red...

Blueberry Cheesecake

Blueberry Puree Cheesecake

by Ashley Bowen, Account Coordinator Source: Makinzie Gore https://www.delish.com/cooking/recipe-ideas/a27260642/blueberry-cheesecake-recipe/ Warm summer days are quickly approaching and this delicious dessert is the perfect way to use the fresh blueberries you’ll find at a farmers market or your local grocery store. This twist on the classic cheesecake will be guaranteed to impress your family and friends at your next summer...


Lab-grown versus natural, which is better?

by Shannon Joyce, Account Coordinator For years now, lab-grown diamond companies have latched onto the narrative that lab-grown diamonds are more environmentally friendly than naturally mined diamonds. A study two years in the making may prove the opposite. The Diamond Producers Association has recently announced the launch of their Total Clarity platform as a way to provide...

Game of Rings

Opportunity Marketing

by Shane O'Neill, Vice President Our motto is “It Starts with a Plan”. That’s sound advice, as knowing what your business objectives are and how to address them from a marketing perspective is key to success. However, it’s also a good idea to plan for the unplanned. I'm calling it opportunity marketing, which is to say unplanned...

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