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Beauty Unfiltered

Beauty Unfiltered

by Jenny Macino, Graphic Designer Unrealistic beauty standards have been a popular controversy for years. Beauty advertisements are everywhere: TV, print, social media, etc. Thanks to Photoshop and various smartphone apps, almost anyone has the ability to edit and enhance their appearance however they like, if they choose to do so. With the world being so heavily...

TV Hot List

Ever wondered how some of your favorite TV shows and personalities stack up in the ratings? Regardless if you’re a network watcher or streaming TV kind of person, here are hot category winners, according to the May 15, 2017, issue of Adweek. Hottest Miniseries: Big Little Lies Hottest New Series: The Handmaid’s Tale Hottest Comedy: Big Bang Theory Hottest Binge...

What Is Killing Your Battery?

If you have a smartphone, there is a good chance that you use it frequently throughout the day. Whether it’s checking work emails, calling family members, or just keeping in touch with friends, it is easy to spend a good portion of the day on your phone. Every touch affects a phone’s battery life. We all...

Super Ads as Voted by ADWEEK

Every year, as millions of viewers root for their favorite football team to be the winner of the Big Game, they are also entertained by big bucks television commercials. Usually, the comic spots featuring animals are the big winners. This year, it’s no real surprise that what’s going on in the news wormed its way onto...

What Makes A Good Ad?

As an advertising agency, we look at, review, and develop new ads every day. We create a connection with the consumer and intrigue them to learn more by coming into a store and/or visiting a website. But we often find ourselves asking, what makes a good advertisement? Whether it's a banner for a website, a :30 radio spot, or a...

Tech Trends

Every year, Mary Meeker delivers one of the most-watched reports on digital and internet trends. For those that don’t know, Meeker runs digital investments for a top Silicon Valley venture capital firm. Compliments of Ad Week, here is what you should be focusing on this year: http://www.adweek.com/news/technology/these-are-digital-trends-everyone-tech-and-advertising-needs-know-165017?utm_source=sailthru&utm_medium=email&utm_term=AWK_TodayTech&utm_campaign=Adweek_Newsletter_2015152808 Meeker’s findings are not that surprising – mobile internet is growing faster...