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Your Marketing Animal

What’s Your Marketing Animal?

by Angie Ash, Executive Vice President There you are, sitting in your store’s conference room, hashing out ideas for your latest marketing campaign. You’re really happy because, for three weeks straight, you’ve been contributing ideas alongside your teammates. For once, everyone is on the same page, from the store bookkeeper to the manager to the owner. The...

Christmas in July

It’s Christmas In July

by Angie Ash, Executive Vice President Ah, summer. The season of barbecues, lazy weekend days at the pool or beach, vacations and lemonade stands. Depending on your sales history, it can also mean a generally slower time of year for your business. Take advantage of the extra time you may have on your hands to start planning...

Are You Sticking to Your Retail Resolutions?

by Angie Ash, Executive Vice President We’re nearly (gulp) halfway through the calendar year. When you drafted your marketing plan for the year, beyond your spending dollars, you most likely set some goals. How are those going for you? If yours are lackluster, let’s dive into why this may be. Bad habits vs. new and good habits. When a...

What's Your "Type?"

What’s Your “Type?”

by Angie Ash, Executive Vice President We’re all guilty of it. We size people up while we’re waiting in a line, sitting at a table in a restaurant, or passing someone on the highway. We tend to lump people in buckets based on their appearance and our thirty seconds of judgment. We don’t mean to do this,...

Up For Debate

Up For Debate

by Angie Ash, Executive Vice President Imagine the following scenario: You’re in a staff or team meeting, discussing a big project or event. Ideas are thrown on the table. Of course, someone has a very strong opinion about one of the ideas over the other. It’s decision time and everyone agrees with the person who voiced the...

Counter Culture

#Flabbergasted. That was me when a client recently inquired about a door counter. They were looking for some recommendations on brands and types to check out. Out of curiosity, I decided to ask a few clients what traffic counter systems they use, since we regularly recommend them to our clients. Some of the answers? "We don’t use...

Name Dropping

For many, many years, jewelers bought into the philosophy of supporting bridal brands. They invested LOTS of buy-in dollars in carrying these brands. They heavily promoted the brands by tagging the designer line’s television spots, using their provided radio scripts, hosting trunk shows featuring the brands, and tagging the brand’s national print ad in Brides magazine...

Keeping It Simple and Smart

Let’s face it, not just kids are overscheduled these days so the last thing I want to do on weekends is run errands, like shopping for groceries. This weekend, though, I had a bit of a revelation, at least for me. And that revelation is the independent grocery store is king. Why? Because more than Netflix...