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TV Commercials Just In Time For The Holidays

by Ashley Bowen, Account Coordinator  We’re offering any commercial in any of our popular TV commercial series for a limited time only price of $1250 each! TV is a great way to drive business and attract new customers, especially during the holidays. We can help you easily produce high-quality commercials at a price you can afford. Find out...

The Changes In TV Advertising

by Ellen Fruchtman, President It’s no surprise to anyone that people love streaming services. Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and Hulu are growing exponentially. What people don’t love is watching commercials. What they don’t love is being “sold” to. Streaming platforms like Netflix or Hulu replace most of their commercial revenues within show blocks by charging subscriptions. Watch...

When the Going Gets Tough

One of the greatest commercials was released on June 27th from sports drink giant, Gatorade. It is not only a great commercial on many creative levels, it is also a metaphor for what’s going on today in our industry. The 60-second commercial features some of the greatest athletes from Michael Jordan to Peyton Manning. These illustrious...

Unique Campaign Builds Awareness

An article by Adweek’s Robert Klara asks how many questions from your driver’s test were devoted to sharing the road with motorcycles. Not many, from what I can remember. This is a big reason why Allstate Insurance has partnered in an initiative to build awareness about the importance of driving safety and motorcycle awareness. Motorcycle enthusiast Nate...