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Your website is your store. Treat it like one.

Imagine for a moment that there is a potential customer out there, eager to shop and purchase the products they most desire. Now imagine that customer stepping foot into a retail store so labyrinthine and full of obstacles that just seeing it from the front door would make them turn and walk away. Perhaps the front...

Somebody’s Watching Me

When looking at it from a marketing standpoint, the digital world’s ability to capture important information about who you are as a person makes it so much easier to target you with the right ads and the right message. It should be a mutually beneficial relationship. Marketers can hyper-focus on the right audience, and that same...

Remember Google Glass?

Remember Google Glass? After that prototype came and went without much fanfare, Google is working on its next big idea: skip the glass, and implant the computer right into your eye. Google has recently patented this new technology, which would take their current work from Google Glass and smart contact lenses and turn them into what...

Oops, Google Did It Again

Just when you think you have your AdWords campaigns performing nicely, Google switches up the program. In case you were not aware, Google is no longer placing paid search ads on the right side of desktop search results. Will this have a significant impact on future performance and will it require some re-thinking to your approach...

The Biggest Google Logo Update In 16 Years!

Google just released their biggest logo update, ever! And this is huge news for designers and Google-fanatics everywhere! They have selected an entirely new typeface that is sans-serif. Google created their own font for their new logo called Product Sans. This new typeface, created by Google, has more legibility at tiny sizes than their own logo. Google...