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INSTORE Birthday Card Program

INSTORE® Announces Exclusive Program for Retail Jewelers

Birthday and Anniversary Program Nets Tremendous Results TOLEDO, OH, January 23, 2018 – INSTORE®, the industry’s leading publication for retail jewelers, is announcing a new birthday and anniversary program developed to drive customers back to the store. The program is being introduced at the Centurion Jewelry Show and is in partnership with leading industry marketer, Fruchtman Marketing. ...

Help us welcome our newest client.

We’re pleased to announce that Schmitt Jewelers, a family-owned business celebrated for their fine jewelry, timepieces and custom design, has hired Fruchtman Marketing as their agency of record.  Schmitt is based in Phoenix, Arizona and will be working with Fruchtman Marketing as a digital client.  ...

New Business Déjà Vu

They were one of our very first clients. And it was a great relationship. We parted as friends, and we’ve both grown and changed a bit over time, but the chemistry is still there. We’re happy to announce that Johannes Hunter Jewelers of Colorado Springs, Colorado is our oldest new client. Or would that be our newest...

The New Retail

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, it’s hard to imagine not recognizing business has changed. But, what has driven this change? Here’s the answer. There is no doubt we are seeing a shift in retail.  If you haven’t signed up for online newsletters like Retail Dive or Luxury Daily, I suggest you do. Not only because...

Peanut Butter Marketing

Where’s The Peanut Butter For My Waffles?

I went through most of my pre-teen years thinking the rest of the civilized world enjoyed a delectable breakfast of waffles just like I did… smothered in peanut butter. Specifically, homemade waffles, covered in Jif peanut butter and Mrs. Butterworth’s syrup… with a nice cold glass of milk. Absolutely delicious. Alas, apparently most children consumed cereal...

Move Your Cheese!

Have you read the book Who Moved My Cheese by Spencer Johnson, M.D.? If you haven’t, it’s on my highly recommended reading list. If you have, it’s probably time to read it again. To give a quick synopsis (since the entire book will only take you a few hours to read cover to cover), it’s a...