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Do They Or Don’t They?

“Do Millennials Really Hate Diamonds?” – Barron’s, October 17, 2016 “Millennials Aren’t Buying Diamonds, And Here’s Why” – The Blog, July 8, 2016 “Why Have Millennials Fallen Out of Love With Diamonds” – The Daily Beast, May 1, 2016 “Millennials Will Spend More On Engagement Rings Because They’re Marrying later” – Bustle, February 18, 2016 “Why Marrying Millennials Are Giving the...

Confessions Of The Misunderstood

Millennials are narcissistic, entitled, and lazy. Oh, and did I mention we have the attention span of a goldfish? While a lot of us may find these stereotypes offensive, I see some truth in them, and brands should as well. We are the new “misunderstood” generation, but on a different level. Our access to technology has created a...