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Are You Ready To “Show Up” In 2019?

by Shane O’Neill, Vice President  How we show up to various events, work, gatherings, etc. can say a lot about a person, but these usually focus on our appearance or other outwardly characteristics. However, how you mentally show up might be entirely different and that speaks more about attitude and motivation. We’ve all been to a party...

SHAPA scale

The Holidays Are Over! The Holidays Are Over!

by Michael Fruchtman, CFO The holidays are coming and that means food, food, and more food. It also means getting on the scale and feeling terrible frustration with the added weight. Each pound added feels like a betrayal to your body. Now there’s a new way to look at it! A new “scale” called a SHAPA. This scale...

Does Your Business Need A Diet Plan?

The New Year is a new slate. It can actually be invigorating. It’s a time to look back and ascertain what went well, and quite frankly, not so well. Personally, I’m not about New Year’s resolutions. Mainly because I have never kept one. Mainly because they are all about losing weight. And, that can’t happen when...

New Year. New Look.

As the new year approaches, it might be time to take a fresh approach. Could be your marketing. Could be some inventory changes. But the first thing anyone sees when they come to your door (and in your door) is the look of your store. If your business needs some freshening up, there's nothing quite like...

What Will You Stand For In 2016?

2016 – believe it or not, a new year is on the horizon. Before you know it the Thanksgiving turkey will be devoured, the Christmas tree will be down, Auld Lang Syne will have been sung and we will be wondering where 2015 went. For many, the New Year signifies a time to make a change, a...