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Peanut Butter Marketing

Where’s The Peanut Butter For My Waffles?

I went through most of my pre-teen years thinking the rest of the civilized world enjoyed a delectable breakfast of waffles just like I did… smothered in peanut butter. Specifically, homemade waffles, covered in Jif peanut butter and Mrs. Butterworth’s syrup… with a nice cold glass of milk. Absolutely delicious. Alas, apparently most children consumed cereal...

Three Quick Tips For Social Media

Gone are the days of the “social media plaything” mindset. The course has changed, and those who want to succeed have begun to take things seriously. It’s all about strategic planning and execution. So let’s start with some basics most amateurs ignore.   Choose Your Platform When choosing your social media platforms, remember, you most likely can’t do everything and...

Oops, Google Did It Again

Just when you think you have your AdWords campaigns performing nicely, Google switches up the program. In case you were not aware, Google is no longer placing paid search ads on the right side of desktop search results. Will this have a significant impact on future performance and will it require some re-thinking to your approach...

Digital Wars: Your Marketing Awakens

Digital Wars - Episode VII It’s a time of uncertainty. Unrest grips the jewelry industry as the influence of digital marketing spreads. Some jewelers stuck on the old ways struggle with this new order as rebellious newcomers embrace this change and build new alliances.  As they cast away digital marketing from their budgets, they find it difficult to...

Facebook: You’re Doing It Wrong.

As the social media landscape continues to shake itself out, it also continues to evolve. Regardless of what you may hear, Facebook is still the most effective social tool for independent jewelers. Other top players, such as Pinterest and Instagram, are simply not as effective in brand building and driving sales. Sure, there are exceptions to...

The Big Three: Social Channels for a Focused Strategy

As an agency, it’s our job to outline recommendations to our clients that are both strategic and provide the best opportunities for their marketing dollars. Social media has always been an area that can be confusing to most retail jewelers. Do you dive into every social channel or just pick your favorites? Neither. When it comes...