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Super Ads as Voted by ADWEEK

Every year, as millions of viewers root for their favorite football team to be the winner of the Big Game, they are also entertained by big bucks television commercials. Usually, the comic spots featuring animals are the big winners. This year, it’s no real surprise that what’s going on in the news wormed its way onto...

Super Bowl…Super Hire

If you’re obsessed with Super Bowl commercials, check this out. Get your first look at the 50 commercials prior to airing and see the latest commercial teasers, many of which are already on the site. ispot.tv also tracks real-time measurement of how each commercial does across social media and online, in addition to ranking what commercial was...

A Shift In Super Bowl Advertising

The “Big Game” is quickly approaching. You know, the once-a-year professional football game that is also a huge advertising event? The game in which you cannot use the real name in advertising, and only hope your customers know what you are talking about by using images of footballs and saying words like “The Big Game”, “Sunday...