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Everyone believes one of two things: Creative is something you can do yourself, or creative is really fun. The first one is usually wrong and the second one is somewhat right. Creative is fun. It’s also hard work. It’s also something which should be taken seriously. Because strong creative can propel your brand to greatness and mediocre or bad creative can stifle your business. Creative should also not be created in a vacuum. It’s one piece to the marketing puzzle and an important face to your company. You’ve heard the word synergy? Nothing is more important than having a synergistic approach to your creative.

The methods for getting the message out may be changing, but that message must remain clear, concise, and creative. Otherwise, it will be lost.

Fruchtman Marketing understands the importance of traditional marketing. We cut our teeth on it, nabbing our share of ADDY Awards over the decades. But that’s only part of the equation. We believe in an integrated approach that ensures your traditional communication works hand in hand with your digital strategy. Whatever traditional marketing you require, we’ll develop a plan that works best for you — and works within your budget. And it will be a plan that nets results.

Logo/Brand Identity

Every store has a personality. It can be formal, traditional, contemporary, casual, sophisticated – you get the picture. Your corporate logo is the face of your company. And, it speaks volumes as to who you are, and more importantly, who you want to see walk through that door. Corporate logos make up a big part of your overall brand identity. Because of that, your logo requires some strategic thought and attention to detail. It’s not just about font. It’s about color and overall design. Your brand identity can also change over the years. If it does, you’ll want to start by looking at your corporate logo. If you’ve evolved as a company, perhaps your brand identity should, too. Think of it as the beginning of your business path now and in the future.

Print and Design

The basic principles of print advertising remain true: Create a compelling message with words and design. Some print is designed to build an image and others with a call-to-action to drive immediate sales. To us, print is all-encompassing and can be anything from a newspaper or magazine ad, brochure, to direct mail. Print has to provide the consumer a reason to look before they turn the page or toss it in the trash. Easier said than done. Your print should be instantly recognizable. Readers should know whose ad it is without seeing your name. Take a look at national print for brand categories such as cosmetics or perfumes. Most are interchangeable. Creating great print takes time and creativity. And ultimately, like all of your marketing, it needs to move the needle.

Events & Promotions

Connecting with your customers is the heart of marketing. Connecting with them in person through a special event or promotion can make your marketing heart beat a little faster. There are the standard events like holiday parties and designer trunk shows. We do a lot of those. But we also pride ourselves on thinking beyond the standard holidays, like Christmas, Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day. Some events are designed to build customer loyalty — others to drive new customers to your door. Is there something new and different out there to set you apart, put you on the map? Those are the events that get our hearts pumping.

Radio & Television

Our beginning actually started in television creative. In 1981, it was our major corporate offering. Locally, we were known for our great local television commercials. With only three network stations and a handful of local radio stations in each market, broadcast creative was certainly important, but not nearly as critical as it is now. With a plethora of stations and creative overload, standing apart from all the noise is more important than ever. Your customers are incredibly creative savvy. If you don’t pay attention to the production values, you risk coming across as unprofessional. Fruchtman has created hundreds of radio and television commercials over the decades, and we’re proud of the many awards we’ve received for our work. We’re also proud of our new creative offering which provides national quality television commercials at a local price. We’ve partnered with Emmy-Award-winning production company Two River Pictures and created Spot Envy. You might want to check them out!



Eight words or less. When you think about the rule of thumb for billboard copy, you realize how difficult it really is to communicate a compelling message, and an eye-popping visual, to get that person driving 65 mph to slow down and take notice. Billboards (and the people in charge of creative for billboards) have their work cut out for them. We’re totally up for the challenge.

Digital Design

Digital is a whole different animal and relies on exceptional design and click-worthy copy. Email marketing is measured in open rates and clicks. Subject lines are an art form. Digital banner ads (including re-targeting) will provide an enormous amount of impressions (people who are seeing your ad online), but exactly what impression it leaves is another story. The measurement bar is high and getting higher every day. Print creative measured in columns and inches are now transformed to pixels. The digital world is exploding. With the right creative, we’re hoping your business does, too.