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Friends & Benefits™ Referral Program

“This program taps into the power of referrals and captures the next wave of new business for the jeweler.” - Ellen Fruchtman

Ask Your Customers For Referrals

friends and benefits referral programOdds are your customers have friends looking for jewelry. Those friends could be your next customers, if you play your cards right. Introducing the first web based jewelry referral program designed specifically for the jewelry industry.

At Fruchtman Marketing, we’re introducing the jewelry referral program you’ve been clamoring for. Friends and Benefits generates purchasing leads from your happy, loyal customers.

Friends and Benefits™ is a simple web-based application which any retail jeweler can use. It provides incentives for current customers to increase the frequency of visits and entices referrals to visit a first time. No risk. No Contracts.

• Easy to learn.

• Provides incentives for current customers to increase frequency of visit.

• Customizable to your brand with any offer, disclaimer and expiration date.

• Supported on all major browsers.

• Affordable!

The Cost?
Just a one-time cost of $2,499 

and it’s yours to bring new customers to your door!


Want to learn more about how Friends and Benefits can benefit you?

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