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Media Planning & Placement

Market Research

Before a single buy is placed or media plan is put into action, our media department will conduct extensive media research using the most up to date software, providing comprehensive local data and statistics. But, it has to go beyond. You have to be media savvy. What separates us from the pack is our extensive knowledge of the luxury jewelry buying customer. It’s all we do 24/7. We know who they are; what makes them tick and yes, where to find them in every market we purchase around the country.

Post-Buy Services

After each and every buy we’ll conduct a post-buy analysis to ensure every gross rating point was achieved and in essence, you got what you paid for. We monitor campaigns to ensure everything is running as purchased. We work with media vendors to resolve any discrepancies and negotiate compensation. We ensure all invoices are correct before approving them for payment. We do it all, not only because it’s our job, but because media is our passion.

Added Value

In the competitive media world today, a dollar can’t buy a dollar. At Fruchtman a dollar will typically buy a dollar fifty. There are too many available options, so we’ll negotiate the heck out of each and every media buy. We don’t believe in cheap. We believe in fair. We believe we need to pay enough so scheduled spots run as planned. But we also believe there are always bonus spots, promotions, giveaways and sponsorship opportunities which stretch your dollar further. No added value? No deal.

Co-Op Management

Co-op is often the bane of every client’s existence. There’s an enormous amount of tracking and submission and prior approvals. We do all of that for you. Music to your ears? We’ll also submit a plan when required by the vendor, and we have been known from time to time to negotiate over and above dollars for special events. I bet we had you at “we do all of that for you.”