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Web Development

Do we do websites? Oh, we do websites.

I’m with Fruchtman

“The team at Fruchtman helps guide my store so it thrives in the digital age and manage all of our social and paid search efforts. We started with a needed website refresh that put us in a position to succeed and we’ve seen notable results. It was important for me to have someone that was able to convey who we are and what we do and I look forward to our continued relationship and growing together”.
— Andy Cline – Owner, Cline Jewelers

Most fail to realize the importance and complexity of solid, functional web development and design. Your website is as important as your actual store and is the primary starting point for consumers.

Consumers today come to your store armed with information. That’s because they do their research online before they shop. They browse galleries, price products and learn about the retailers who offer it. A website for your business is no longer an option; it’s a required electronic “salesperson” that potential customers need to interact with before they decide to step through your door. We help guide you through the entire process and let you know the things to take into consideration when choosing the type of site that’s right for you. We’ll also look at what type of digital marketing you have or will have in place, because it works hand-in-hand with the functionality built into your website. We’re jewelry marketing professionals; everything must work together.

The Art of Custom Design

At Fruchtman, it’s more than just function. It’s design. We begin with custom layouts that match your store’s personality and shopping experience. From there, we continue to focus on the user and develop solid navigation and optimal multi-device viewing. We look at websites as art, based on objectives, needs, and what’s best for your business.

Yet, it’s not just about looks, it’s what’s on the inside that counts – and gets you noticed. We build strong SEO components and functionality into each site, so you are easily found. Things like alt tags, H1 tags, or search options sound boring, but they make the engine hum.

The Big Shift in Retail Websites

As most retailers have already upgraded their online experience to responsive websites that scale to the device viewing it, they also wanted to provide a better “shopping experience”. Now, consumers expect an immersive online shopping experience that includes multiple ways to engage with the user, provides transparent pricing and rich content filled product galleries. In addition, within the next few years, fully functional ecommerce websites on the retailer level will be a must, not a choice, if independent jewelers hope to remain relevant.

(You can read about the ecommerce tsunami here)

Our approach to responsive design and ecommerce creates unique user experiences that provide optimal viewing across all platforms and provides the essential tools for successful online sales.

Intuitive Gallery System

One of the primary reasons consumers visit a jeweler’s site is to browse galleries. They expect to see a large selection of beautiful pieces with descriptions and pricing. Our intuitive galleries bring consumers a unique viewing experience that allows them to easily find what they are looking for. In addition, our Cross Marketing Banners™ allow content to be inserted easily into the galleries so jewelers can drive traffic to related content that a consumer may otherwise never see.

Diamond Search Interface

One of our most popular new website features is our Diamond Search Interface. This optional component seamlessly streams your RapNet or IDEX diamond search account into our elegant, web responsive interface. Along with our Cross Marketing Banners™, the interface allows easy use across all platforms. This plug-in interface allows your customers to find their perfect diamond even before they walk into your store, saving time and creating a smooth customer experience. Even better, there is only a one time set-up with no ongoing monthly fees!

WordPress CMS & Training

Because of its reliability, flexibility, and ease of use, Fruchtman Marketing uses WordPress as a Content Management System for the websites we build. We train you how to use WordPress to maintain your site, upload new products and edit pages. Or, if you prefer, you can sign up for a website management service plan, and we will maintain your site for you, including site updates, basic SEO, technical website issues, and changes. Contact us for more information on management service plan options.