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A Life-Changing App

A Life-Changing App

If you’re like me, you haven’t printed photos in, let’s see, forever! Like me, your digital camera has fallen by the wayside because your iPhone takes some pretty nice pics. You’re thrilled that you no longer have to go to one of those archaic fotomats, popular in the 1980s, to have photos printed. You’re even more thrilled that you no longer have to deal with strips of film negative and twice the amount of disappointing photos you thought would turn out so much better (because you checked double prints, of course). Technology can be a beautiful thing! But, also like me, you now may have hundreds of photos on your phone taking up space, and a bunch of empty photo albums at home that should be filled. Truth be told, it’s just not the same to nostalgically look at photos by swiping your finger on your phone. Eventually, you may want to print some, but let’s be real: downloading them to a jump drive is a pain, and it’s time consuming. The photo processing kiosks at local stores always have long lines of impatient people tapping their toes and waiting for their turn, and there’s always some type of glitch in the system that just makes it a CHORE. Enter the Walgreens app. Download it to your phone. From the app, select Photo, and you’re served an icon that says Phone. Click it, and select any or all photos on your phone you’d like to print. Then select a Walgreens close to you (the app provides locations) and your photos are ready in an hour – or less! You’ll receive a notification when they’re done (like magic) and all you have to do is walk in and pick up your photos at the photo desk. That’s just one little perk. You can also create custom photo gifts right from your phone. Bored in the doctor’s office waiting room? Order some prints and fill your prescription all at one time. Forgot another birthday? Print a custom photo card. Life with this app has now put me at the corner of “where have you been all my life?” and “genius!”
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