Meet the experts at Fruchtman Marketing

Each and every client has a group of professionals assigned to your account who are dedicated to growing your business. It’s an approach we’ve been employing for years and one that is rooted in success. Multiple people from creative, social marketing, media, and accounts get to know your business, your style, and your market. This team regularly gets together to review your goals and strategy. From time to time we might change up specific members of the team to get a fresh perspective. But overall, if there was one way to describe it, we would say it’s very similar to having your own in-house marketing team. The real kicker? We are marketing specialists who also know the jewelry industry inside and out.

The Leadership Team

Ellen Fruchtman from Fruchtman Marketing

Ellen Fruchtman

President and CEO

The leader of Fruchtman Marketing, Ellen Fruchtman began her award-winning career learning from the best - working alongside Vin Di Bona (creator of America’s Funniest Videos). She then went on to become a Producer for a nationally syndicated program in Miami. Meeting her husband Michael, she then moved to the Midwest and continued as a Producer for local television. She then produced what is her most successful endeavor - two children. Watching local car commercials where they smashed the windows to communicate smashing savings, she was motivated to do better.  She left her position and started Fruchtman Marketing in 1981 with a large loan from her husband of $750.

Michael Fruchtman from Fruchtman Marketing

Michael Fruchtman

Chief Financial Officer

With years of marketing experience and finance management, Michael serves as the agency’s CEO/CFO, managing the financial activity of the agency and its accounts. Michael began his career working in a large family steel business and rose to President of Peters Stamping Company. During that journey, he did everything from developing a large real estate endeavor in Arcadia, Florida to selling scrap metal. Family businesses are like that. Having an itch to grow his own small business, he joined his partner in life at Fruchtman Marketing. To this day, he still asks Ellen to repay the $750.

Shane O'Neill from Fruchtman Marketing

Shane O'Neill

Chief Marketing Officer

With over 29 years of agency experience, Shane has set himself apart from other social and digital marketing experts by providing solid strategy and insight on proper methods for successfully building an online presence. Shane has been with Fruchtman for 20 years and spearhea ded the development and growth of the agency’s digital and website development departments. He is a popular speaker on digital marketing and i s a contributing writer to publications such as INSTORE and JCK Magazine. 

David Turgeon from Fruchtman Marketing

David Turgeon

Executive Vice President Client Services

With over 30 years working with independent jewelers and luxury retailers, David brings hands-on, ownership-level business expertise, having owned several retail businesses including jewelry stores and a jewelry manufacturing company.  He has a unique perspective in the areas of marketing, operations, finance, and talent management.  He also served as President of The Napa Valley Destination Council, responsible for rebranding & destination marketing activities for the famous wine-producing region.