How We Work

To sum up how we work in one word it would be organized. We’re here to keep you on track, in the know, and moving the train forward.
Nice and simple.

We keep you focused and moving forward.

Our most treasured clients allow us to “drive the train” alongside them.

Maybe you’ve worked with an advertising agency before. Maybe we’re your first. In any case, to have a successful marketing partnership, it’s always best to get a clear understanding of how we work, what you can expect from us — and what we expect from you.

We're in Constant Communication

We're not necessarily in your city, but you would never know it.

You can hear from us daily or weekly. There are regularly scheduled, formal meetings with your marketing team including an agenda and a comprehensive conference report. You don’t just own a loupe, you’re in the loop.

We Watch Your Numbers

And we watch your dollars as if they were ours.

The process begins by building your strategy and developing a comprehensive budget at the beginning of the year or your fiscal year. And by the way, we stick to it. We’ll only go beyond the budget if approved or directed by you. If you’re a retailer, we track your monthly sales numbers, new customer counts, and how specific promotions have been delivered. We have the ability to compare your numbers to retailers like you across the country, so we can communicate trends. Your numbers, however, are completely confidential and will never be shared or discussed with any other client. If you’re a manufacturer, designer, wholesaler, or other industry service, the overall process is similar.


Here's How We're Different:

Advisory Services

No other marketing firm offers you comprehensive jewelry marketing and business advisory services.

Whether overcoming a business challenge or hitting your next growth milestone, as a full service client, you will be working with our in-house business consultants who can help you achieve your goals. Our seasoned experts have deep industry and sector experience focusing on business strategy, financial management, operational efficiency, and best practices that deliver practical, tangible results.

Full Service Team


Having a team consisting of a senior account manager, an account coordinator, a designer, a media planner and buyer, a digital specialist, and a social marketing professional dedicated to you. That’s what you get with Fruchtman.