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Nothing is more important than great video content. Here are some eye opening facts!

Truthfully, a great TV commercial was always important when purchasing traditional media. But now, it’s more important than ever - and more cost-efficient than ever. Why? First and foremost, you can use professionally produced video content beyond traditional TV. Use it on Social Media and use it for one of today's most effective mediums - YouTube.

Fruchtman's Spot Envy

Consumers are more sophisticated than ever before, especially the bridal market. But how many of you can spend $25,000+ on a great video? Not many. So, we’ve made some very high-end (and high production value) commercials that can be customized with your store information.

Minimal costs. BIG impact.

  • Choose any commercial.
  • No minimums. Buy one. Buy several!
  • Includes a custom tag with your logo and store info.*
  • Unlimited use in a single market.**

*Customized audio with your store name and tag with your packaging, requires a $350 charge.

**Multiple market usage requires an additional $500 charge per market.Some markets may be excluded. Market exclusivity is currently not available, unless noted.Take a look at our library below. And then contact or by phone at 419.539.2770 extension 222

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Video increases engagement levels across all digital media. 

Real Deal Campaign

Only $850/spot (no minimum)

Tales of the Heart – Clever stories that pull viewers toward unexpected heart-tugging endings—and a desire to purchase the jewelry that celebrates them.


For Mom

It Doesn't Matter

Gifts They'll Treasure

Birthday Box

Down the Aisle

All in Good Time

All Grown Up


Green with Envy Campaign

Only $1,750/spot (no minimum)

True Romantics – Real people reveal their innermost emotions about the individuals who matter most to them—and how jewelry best expresses what’s in their hearts.

Bridal - Brendan and Jen

Valentines - Bottaros

Self Buyer Susan

Mother's Day

Holiday - Ulrichs

Anniversary - Harkaveys

General Gift Giving

Spot On Campaign

Only $2,400/spot (no minimum)

Befores & Happily Ever Afters – Hit the rewind button on life’s special moments, and journey back to the jewelry and the store that started it all—yours!

Rewind the Wedding

Rewind the Wedding Bottaro

Rewind the Wedding Kissigner


Rewind The Wedding General

Rewind Valentine's Day

Bridal - Brian and Courtney

Rewind the Engagement

Rewind The Anniversary

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