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A Shift In Super Bowl Advertising

A Shift In Super Bowl Advertising

The “Big Game” is quickly approaching. You know, the once-a-year professional football game that is also a huge advertising event? The game in which you cannot use the real name in advertising, and only hope your customers know what you are talking about by using images of footballs and saying words like “The Big Game”, “Sunday Super Football Event”, and many other derivatives. As technology has progressed, advertisers have shifted some of their focus away from traditional advertising to real-time digital marketing for the game. Twitter has been the king of real time marketing for a variety of events. However, this year Google is hoping to join their game. Google has released a platform for brands to upload creative and push out advertising in “real time” to YouTube and Google’s Display Network. The biggest difference between Google’s platform and Twitter is that Google ads have to be pre-planned and pre-uploaded prior to the event. For example, you can watch the game and see a commercial for a brand you love. Next, you can go to check a website on your phone and receive a mobile ad for that same brand. This allows marketers to have multiple ways to hit their customer with relevant advertising. To read more about Google Instant Ads, read this article from AdWeek. Also, if you’d like to view some of the released commercials that will be part of the one-day advertising phenomenon, check out this article.
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