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Act of Kindness

Act of Kindness

Social media is a powerful tool. The smallest mistake on social media can blow up in your face, while a kind gesture can come back to reward you. That is exactly what happened with a jeweler in the Toledo area. I love this story, and I love that it reached me in a consumer setting (instead of a work setting). I do not follow this jeweler on Facebook. I have never even visited their Facebook page or their website. One night I was scrolling through my Facebook feed when I came across this post that a friend shared from Northwood Jewelers in Northwood, Ohio:

“This ring was found at Barefoot at the Beach at Maumee Bay this past weekend and sold to us for gold scrap. We can't let it get melted down because we know it has sentimental value. This ring is special and has engraving on the inside ...” (The post continued to give details about the engraving and store information.)

I clicked to read more and immediately loved the story. What a kind, little thing the jeweler did. And although it may have seemed little at the time, the post (at the time of this article) now has 428 likes and 5,684 SHARES. That is 5,684 people who shared this post to all of their friends. That is, at the very least, 5,684 people who now view Northwood Jewelers in a positive light for this small act of kindness. That is 5,684 people who will consider going to Northwood Jewelers for future purchases because they think they are honest and trustworthy.

Next time you face an opportunity to do something nice for a customer or potential customer, even if it takes your time and effort, do it. This small act of kindness by Northwood Jewelers positively impacted at least 5,684 people. Consider what your social channels can do for you and utilize them in positive ways.

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