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Are You Hip To Fitbit®?

Are You Hip To Fitbit®?

About three weeks ago, I decided to buy something nice for myself. I always heard people talking about these “Fitbits,” and knew a little bit about them from my time selling them as a retail worker through school. Everyone that had one seemed to love it, and I never heard any complaints. I now finally understand why.

In case you're not aware, the Fitbit® is a sort of “smart pedometer” (although I think they prefer to use the term “fitness tracker”.) It's an electronic device that you wear on your waist, or around your wrist depending on the style you purchase, and it is capable of tracking several facets of personal fitness. My Fitbit Blaze is capable of tracking standard items like daily steps and sleep quality, but also things like heart rate and calorie burn. Using the smart phone app allows you to input food items and body weight, letting you set and achieve goals in personal fitness. The device is capable of displaying workouts you can perform using only your body weight, keeping time, displaying text messages and incoming phone calls, and controlling music that you're playing through your phone or other Bluetooth device.

As a former athlete, I'm extremely aware of how important personal fitness is. Being in good health gives you more energy and creates a generally more positive outlook. More than all of the cool features built into the Fitbit, I'm enamored with how accountable it's causing me to be for my health. It really helps me to be more self-disciplined by creating goals and competitions amongst my friends– where I really needed help. Ever since buying my Fitbit and engaging in the “Workweek Hustle” and “Weekend Warrior” challenges, I've opted to do less channel surfing and more running at the local metro park.

Maybe some day in a not-so-distant future, the Fitbit will have a place in fine jewelry stores. It's a product that moves very rapidly, and the watch-type models are compatible with interchangeable wristbands including leather and metal bands, sold separately. Whether you're looking from the perspective as a jewelry store manager or simply as an individual seeking to set and achieve fitness goals, the Fitbit is something that should be on your radar.

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