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Beyond A Wedding Dress

Beyond A Wedding Dress

Planning a wedding is both an exciting and stressful time (although I am not speaking from experience). Setting a date and choosing a venue, creating the guest list, selecting flowers, securing a photographer, picking out the best cake are just some of the few tasks that need to be complete in order to have that perfect day.

Of course, there is the one aspect of a bride’s wedding day that is more important than all the rest: her dress.

It’s what the bride will be wearing in pictures that she will look back on for the rest of her life. It’s something she’ll probably keep forever and maybe even pass on to future generations. So much emotion goes into searching for and selecting a dress, that once she has it, she doesn’t really think about anything else other than the excitement of wearing it.

Remove the dress from the wedding equation and you don’t have much left - right?

According to this article from Mashable, Bride Elise Boissonneault was all set to get married in Toronto this past May. She had her dress chosen and was ready to wear it on her big day. Unfortunately, a massive wildfire destroyed her dress just a few days before. Boissonneault and her husband evacuated from their home. However, they decided to still have the wedding. Her wedding photographer posted about the bride’s situation on Facebook. Hundreds of strangers offered to loan money or donate dresses to her, all within a few hours of the post going up.

Thanks to this post, Boissonneault was lent a dress for her ceremony and a dress for her reception. In the same article, her photographer shared a powerful Instagram post of the bride in her new dress.

Her unfortunate situation was turned into a happy one with support and genuine acts of kindness by others.

So in the end, it’s about much more than a wedding dress.

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