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Buy Your Pinspiration

Buy Your Pinspiration

Everyone knows Pinterest, the super-popular social network, allows people to search for everything, from clothing that matches their own personal style to recipes they want to try to garden art. Looking for tips on how to make over your kitchen? Find ideas galore on Pinterest. The beauty of Pinterest is you can create your own boards and visit them later, on your own time, when you're ready to get started on your project. Business execs started taking note this year on the usage of Pinterest on smartphones, and guess what that led to? Yep - buyable pins! Earlier this summer, Pinterest debuted the functionality. Now, when you're searching for something on the app and see a price marked in blue, it means it's a buyable pin. All you have to do is click on the corresponding blue Buy It button and you'll be taken to a secure checkout. Pinterest doesn't take a cut from sales made on its site, and anyone doing business on the Pinterest platform is still able to handle shipping and customer service they way they would like to. It's great for any business currently using Shopify. Look for Pinterest to continue rolling out other ways to make purchasing pins easy — and, of course, instantly gratifying for all those impulse purchasers (guilty as charged, no pun intended) out there. Find out more info here. And stay tuned for more on the ever-evolving way we'll be shopping now and in the years to come.
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