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Don't You Love It?

Don't You Love It?

GoDaddy's tagline is "It's Go Time.” Well, for a large number of customers, maybe they should change it to "It's Time To Go." I know this is supposed to be our Stuff You'll Love, but trust me, you gotta love this... During the past couple weeks - and still ongoing as of Friday - GoDaddy has been experiencing a major lack of service for customers with certain types of "shared servers." This has greatly impacted the functionality of clients’ websites. The issues range from a complete lack of access to page load times upwards of 30 seconds or more. This, of course, affects business greatly. As with all technical things, one has to understand that these things happen. A day or two is understandable, but after a couple weeks, you have to start to ask, "What's going on over there?” To make matters worse, not only did GoDaddy reps act like they didn't know of such issues - or they really didn't know, which would be a whole other issue - but their own system status read: "No Significant Issues." However, something was/is going on, and if your site was affected, you noticed it. The problem is that most of their websites are for small- to medium-sized businesses and, more than likely, it was the business owner who noticed the extreme slowness of the site. However, if GoDaddy says "All's Well," then most start to look at problems with the site itself. That can require bringing in programmers to figure out what's going on, and that costs money. As an agency that handles many websites, we noticed it all at the same time during Monday-morning status checks, and once we knew the only sites affected with this lag time were on GoDaddy shared servers, then we knew to push the GoDaddy customer service reps. And guess what? There was a major issue! They probably thought they could just slide it under the rug until they fixed it. The problem was, they couldn't fix it. So days went by, which have turned into weeks. If you read the forums, you can see the complaints; but the system status still reads: "No Significant Issues." I was eventually told there was some type of data-base error, but the reps didn't know for sure. As the days rolled by, it became apparent that GoDaddy was unable to resolve the issue and, more importantly, wasn't upfront with its customers. So we took matters into our own hands by moving our clients’ sites. For us it became "It's Time To Go." Also, if you’re like most who purchased multiple years of hosting for better pricing, when it came to asking for that refund, they only offered GoDaddy credit. No thank you. I just had to move my site, why would I want my money back? Mention the issues and tell them a full refund is all you'll accept, and then they’ll refund your money. Don't you love it?
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