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Dropbox’s Latest Update Empowers Your Productivity

Dropbox’s Latest Update Empowers Your Productivity

Dropbox has been a ubiquitous tool for the digital age – from personal use to school, even to business, its ability to simplify file sharing and management has cemented it as one of the many popular platforms for the modern world. Things are about to get even better with the release of their brand new productivity features aimed at increasing the opportunities to utilize their app. The big new feature is certainly the new document scanning utility. Simply open the Dropbox app, scan a document, and it’s immediately added to your Dropbox account. These scans are editable and can be arranged just as you need them for the easy storage we’ve all come to expect. From whiteboards to receipts and more, Dropbox nailed this opportunity to benefit users across the board. Even better, for Dropbox Business users, there is a search feature that lets you track and find exactly what you’re looking for from your collection of scanned documents. Speaking of business, the addition of an in-file commenting system opens up a new world of collaboration and precise feedback. Users can now select particular lines of text in a word document, or tag comments to sections of an image, to more accurately communicate back and forth with project assets. This new tool will be a big time-saver when it comes to revising and editing ongoing team projects for organizations large and small. There’s a lot more to this update, which is currently only available to iOS users. Read more here.
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