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Emojis. They Might As Well Be Considered A New Language.

Emojis. They Might As Well Be Considered A New Language.

They might already be considered a new language, but if not,” emojis” are getting to a point where they should be! You see them all the time. In text messages. On social media. You may even have one that’s your favorite. Emojis are not anything that is new. They have been around for some time, but the frequency and the amount of different styles and symbols is growing at a phenomenal rate, even to a point where they should be considered (if not already) a language of its own. Not only are they being used all over social media, but you can now find them in marketing materials, and I must say, I agree completely with an article by Tim Nudd with Adweek, which is absolutely brilliant. Follow the link above and think to yourself what you might think if you drove by this billboard. Although some demographics might not understand what it means, it will definitely catch your attention and might get you to drive past it once more to find out more. SPOILER ALERT for those not viewing the article, it is an article on a recent billboard placed in Los Angeles with 90% of the graphic being made up of 2 emojis and a letter. A skull emoji, symbolizing the word “dead”, a poo emoji, symbolizing just that, the word “poo”, and an L, is making up the word or movie title, DEADPOOL. This is a comic book movie which will be in theaters February 12th (as the date below the emojis represents). In my opinion, this is a perfect billboard. It is clean and without a doubt grabs the attention of passersby and although the message might not be perfectly clear (which if you are familiar with the movie and the use of emojis, it kind of is), people will look to find out what this billboard is for and what it means. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.
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