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The Federal Guidelines For Self-Driving Cars Are Coming.

The Federal Guidelines For Self-Driving Cars Are Coming.

It seemed like a futuristic idea that would never come to fruition, but self-driving cars are starting to look a lot more plausible. With this brand new technology comes brand new fears, and lawmakers are trying to beat the technology to the finish line. New federal guidelines are expected to be released in July that will help set the foundation for dealing with this new leap in travel and technology. With 15 states already proposing laws around self-driving vehicles, having a federal standard might go a long way toward easing the possible headaches caused by inconsistent, state-by-state regulations. It will be interesting to see how strict these regulations might be. There are fears that new laws might restrict the primary advantages of self-driving cars, such as requiring that you have your hands on the wheel at all times. Safety is always the primary concern, but after a collection of 1.5 million miles of data, Google’s autonomous car has only been at fault for a single minor accident. Read more here.
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