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Fruchtman and Thinkspace Form Alliance

Fruchtman and Thinkspace Form Alliance

Two Industry Marketing and Tech Leaders Form Alliance

Fruchtman Marketing and Thinkspace to provide unique industry offering beginning at JCK Las Vegas

TOLEDO, Ohio, May 24, 2016 - Industry leaders Fruchtman Marketing and Thinkspace announce a strategic partnership to bring a more sophisticated approach to marketing and tech for the jewelry industry. Fruchtman Marketing, who specializes in strategic planning, marketing and advertising services for the jewelry industry and Thinkspace, a modern website management and inventory data cloud platform for the jewelry industry, saw the need for an advanced web, digital and marketing experience for industry companies that are serious about their online presence.

Their initial joint offering called Next Level is designed for sophisticated retailers with sales volumes in excess of $5 million in addition to vendors and designers. Next Level involves a custom approach to website design, architecture, copywriting and content and goes beyond typical website development to include strategic online marketing planning and full digital marketing services in conjunction with site build out. The Next Level experience takes a holistic approach to a business’s online presence and marketing objectives in order to create a highly optimized central hub (website) which allows digital marketing efforts to become highly relevant, which contribute to lower costs.

“After months of conversation, it was clear Thinkspace was the right choice for what we envisioned. We not only found we had like approaches to marketing in the digital arena, but we also found that our overall approach to business was similar. So many companies build their website on an island, rarely giving thought to constant updates, upgrades and necessary marketing tactics that are crucial to truly be successful. There is little to no thought given to how it will integrate with their business strategy. If you want to take your business forward and stay relevant, you can’t be running your marketing and digital strategy the way most of this industry currently operates. It requires thought and people with a full understanding of your customer, their shopping habits, and the digital space. Together, we have all of those important bases covered.” said Ellen Fruchtman, President of Fruchtman Marketing.

Fruchtman Marketing will also be a part of the Thinkspace Essentials Lounge at JCK Las Vegas, located in the Essentials area Bayside Level 1. Intimate talks on both web and digital marketing have been scheduled daily by both companies ranging from topics like Website Best Practices to Building Your Business Through Social Marketing. You can find the schedule by linking here: Thinkspace Event Schedule for JCK Essentials Lounge.

“We see this as a start to something much bigger. The jewelry industry is in dire need of better technology and marketing. There are too many overpriced, underdeveloped and archaic systems in the jewelry industry that aren’t architected for the future and don’t implement best practices in tech. The jewelry industry needs a cloud platform that addresses the challenges both retailers and vendors are facing in this modern day and age. I’m very proud of the technology we continue to develop to meet this need, and to be working with one of the leading marketers in jewelry to meet the overall branding, marketing and technology needs of those clients who want to take their website and digital marketing experience to the Next Level.” added Rami Kassab, CEO at Thinkspace.

Appointments can be made directly with either party by contacting Fruchtman Marketing at 419-539-2770 or Thinkspace at 844-WE-JEWEL (844-935-3935) or by stopping by their individual booths at JCK Las Vegas. Fruchtman Marketing is located in the Essentials and Tech area at booth B60083 and Thinkspace is also located in the same area at booth B61069. You can also meet either company at Thinkspace’s Essentials Lounge in Bayside Level 1 near the Essentials and Tech area.

Fruchtman Marketing is a full-service agency that specializes in the jewelry industry and works with many of the country’s finest jewelry retailers, manufacturers, designers and trade groups. They have presented seminars at the most prominent tradeshows, including JCK Las Vegas, The SMART Jewelry Show, The Centurion Jewelry Show and are contributors to industry publications such as National Jeweler, INSTORE, The Centurion and indesign magazine. You can also subscribe to their weekly jewelry marketing blog, Tuesday Tips and Tricks. For additional information contact Shane O’Neill at 419. 539.2770 ext. 216 or at

Thinkspace is a modern B2B2C multi-tenant website and data cloud platform designed specifically for jewelry industry retailers, vendors and brands. Thinkspace is built on top of Django, which is a highly scalable open-sourced web application framework that also powers Pinterest, Instagram, Mozilla, The Washington Post, The New York Times and parts of NASA’s website to name just a few. For additional information contact Larry Chasin at 844-935-3935 ext.206 or online at

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