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Galette 1 cup of almonds, preferably blanched 1 cup sugar plus more for sprinkling 2 large eggs 1 stick of butter room temperature 1 teaspoon vanilla extract Pinch of Kosher salt 1 package of frozen puff pastry (double sheet) preferably all-butter, thawed 12 apricot halves or peach halves (can use apples in the fall) or berries of any kind. If using berries, make sure they are fresh and dry. Preheat oven to 425 degrees. In a food processor add your sugar until very finely ground. Then add eggs and combine. Then add butter and vanilla and mix thoroughly until cream is smooth. Roll out puff pastry sheets together so it almost fits your baking sheet (about ¼” to 1/8” thick) and transfer it to your baking sheet (with sides) on parchment paper. Prick pastry surface with a fork to help it not rise too much. Roll up the sides to make a ½ inch border. Spread cream mixture and stay inside the borders. (If your dough is getting difficult to work with, put it in the refrigerator for several minutes before spreading cream). Spread your fruit all over the top. Bake until light golden brown about 15 – 20 minutes. Then reduce the temperature to 325 degrees and bake an additional 15 – 20 minutes until cooked through. Keep an eye on it! If you feel it’s done sooner, then take it out. Notes: You can make the cream a day ahead and keep in refrigerator until ready to use! You can also halve the cream recipe if you want to have a thinner layer.
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