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Good Design Takes Time

Good Design Takes Time

Over the years, there have probably been advertising campaigns, logos, websites and other creative elements that have completely “wowed” you. To this day, they still may have an impact on you. Have you ever thought about what actually goes into developing brilliant creative? Or have you wondered about what goes on behind the scenes at agencies and marketing firms?

As a consumer, we only see the finished product; the final piece that solves the visual communication problem. Like anything else, a successful creative piece requires time. There is more to the process than just putting the pieces of the puzzle together. First, you have to actually have the pieces: the copy, imagery, color palette, and any other creative elements. Each of those pieces requires time for conception, writing, sketching, etc. Once the individual pieces are developed and collected - the designer can begin. The time it takes to design a piece depends on the project. Each project is unique and will have its own timeline and unique set of circumstances and criteria. A logo is different from a direct mail piece or website. Once a first draft of a design is complete, revisions generally follow. Because those changes can be time-consuming, each should make the piece better and be carefully considered.

The creative process doesn’t happen overnight. The more thought and time that is allowed for a project, the better the final product. Good design should be thought about early, and allow proper time for each step in its development. This will make the entire process run smoother, allowing everyone to breathe, focus and produce the best quality work possible.

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