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How Organized Is Your Desktop?

How Organized Is Your Desktop?

I’m not talking about your physical desktop, though it’s important to keep that organized, too. Take a look at your computer desktop. Is it cluttered with files you were going to just “put on the desktop for now?” I’ve seen way too many desktops with icons completely covering the background – it always makes me shudder. That is not a good way to organize your files, and surely impacts the amount of time it takes you to find the file you need. So, what can you do to fix this? You might think your desktop is too far gone – that is not the case. Follow these simple steps. Make Folders Think about what types of files you have on your desktop. Are they images, word documents, or PDFs? Do they mostly pertain to a certain subject, project, or client? Create an organized folder system so you can successfully drill down to the exact content you need to get to. The folders can then be placed anywhere. If it makes sense to keep a few folders on your desktop, that’s fine. You could also store the folders in the documents folder, or on a server if you have access to one. Make A Routine Can’t help but place files on the desktop temporarily? That’s cool – everybody does it. But at the end of the day, go back to your new folder system. File things where they belong, your future self will thank you. Enjoy Increased Productivity Now that your files are where they belong, you will be able to access them much faster. No longer will you have to spend minutes browsing your unorganized desktop to find the right file. And if you’ve ever lost a file entirely, you know that pain, this method should drastically reduce the chance of that happening again. The picture above is my very own organized desktop that I enjoy every day. Take it as inspiration. You can organize your digital life – I believe in you!
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