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Is Your Logo Getting The Top-Of-Mind Presence It Should?

Is Your Logo Getting The Top-Of-Mind Presence It Should?

I was with friends the other night, watching Round One of the 2015 NFL Draft. But as we were waiting for our team’s pick to come later in the night, my friend starting flipping out. He is a fan of the Dallas Cowboys, and knows their logo is a bold, prominent, five-pointed star with an outline. When he saw what he thought was the Cowboys’ star as the next pick, his excitement meter pegged. The Cowboys weren’t supposed to have a draft pick until later in the night. He thought they made a move to get the player he was hoping for. But when he looked at me, his excitement turned to confusion. He knows I’m a Cowboys fan as well, but I wasn’t excited at all. Being in the marketing business, I know logos. And I knew what resembled the Cowboys’ star was actually the logo of the other Texas team, the Houston Texans. Their logo incorporates a silhouette of a bull’s head with the left eye being a star. I can understand his confusion, as the graphic did not show colors of the actual logos, just the outlines. But with a close look, there are very distinct differences between the two stars. Which led me to think about the nuances involved in creating a logo. It’s not just the simple design — a logo uses very particular colors, shapes, sizes, words, and graphics to create a unique connection with consumers, which keeps their brand or company top of mind. I am always intrigued by the little, but distinct things and sometimes hidden messages in logos that allow people to easily identify the brand or company.You can take one of these quizzes by following the link below: If your logo needs an overhaul, contact
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